I had pretty basic goals that I wanted to achieve when I started training with Sam. I have always enjoyed exercising but I wanted to improve my strength and do cross training that would benefit my cycling performance. I had reached a plateau and needed help taking things to the next level. Sam created fun workouts that focussed on strength, stability and balance- teaching me practical exercises and how to lift weight safely and effectively. I have learned so much from Sam and she always pushes me to do my best. Instead of starting somewhere she knows I’m comfortable; she will challenge my abilities and I often end up accomplishing something a lot tougher than I would have gotten into if I worked out on my own. I completed my first Gran Fondo in Whistler last September and training with Sam made me confident I was ready and strong enough to race. The VF team are extremely knowledgeable and I’d highly recommend working with them to anyone who’s looking to achieve any kind fitness goal**