Supplements 101

Supplements 101

by | Mar 25, 2020 | Nutrition, Supplements

One of the common questions we are asked as trainers is regarding supplements.  Which supplements work? What supplement is right for me and my goals?  There are so many options and so many claims, it can be easy to be confused as a consumer.  Many supplements state “clinically proven” or “scientifically researched” but this may be misleading.  The experiment may have been set up in favorable conditions in order to make the supplement seem more effective than it is.

We need to be careful with such claims, and at the same time realize that there are some supplements with lots of scientific backing and research. A supplements purpose is to supplement deficiencies in a human body or in a diet, (both are usually correlated). 

This article will look at the most researched, studied and proven supplements that may work for you. 

At the end of the day, finding something that makes you feel good and that works for you is the most important thing.  Nobody can question the power of the mind and if you truly believe in something and it has no adverse side effects, by all means continue to take it.

Also to remember, a well balanced diet can eliminate the need for most supplementations.  If you are finding it hard to get certain proteins, fats, minerals or vitamins, supplements may be the answer for you.  Always consult a doctor or professional before changes to your diet.

Number 1: Whey Protein

This is the most popular selling supplement product on the market and with good reason.  Most people are looking to get stronger or gain muscle when working out and one of the key ingredients to help with that goal is a high quality protein.  WHEY is perfect for this as it offers all the essential amino acids and has enough Leucine to promote muscle protein synthesis.  Some other “natural” protein powders from rice or peas may lack the amount of amino acids that Whey protein offers.  Whey protein can also be found in gluten free options.  Whey is derived from milk but can also be found in non lactate options which may be ok for people on dairy free diets.  Regardless of this, some peoples stomachs may not agree with whey protein and a pea or rice protein supplement may be a better option.

Whey protein is very cost effective per serving and will help you reach your protein intake goals for the day.  Any supplement should not be solely relied on and should be combined with a very balanced diet consisting of lots of different sources of proteins, carbs, fats, minerals and vitamins.

Whey is a great supplement but is nothing essentially special as it can be easily found in natural foods.  The positives about a whey supplement are that it is very convenient and can be taken quickly to reach your daily protein goals.  It can also be added in conjunction with meals such as oats which are hard to supplement with any real food sourced proteins.

Whey protein may work for you if you are struggling to reach your protein goals for the day.  It is also a great quick snack when on the go instead of unhealthy options high in carbs or fat.

Number 2: Omega 3

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that is found in dietary form as oily fish. As a supplement is usually found is a fish oil form or liquid pill form.  There are two types of omega 3 found in fish oils: EPA and DHA which are very important for the human body.

It plays an important role controlling inflammatory response, supporting the immune system, cellular signalling and cellular structural properties, reduce triglycerides, slows development of plaque and many more.  It is for these reasons, that athletic performance and omega-3’s are linked.

Much like protein supplements, omega-3’s can easily be eaten through a balanced whole food diet, but if you are struggling to eat enough fish, an omega-3 supplement may be a great option for you.

Number 3: Creatine

Our third supplement is very famous and also backed by a lot of science. There are different forms of creatine, but the most widely researched, effective, and used is creatine monohydrate.  Creatine provides fuel for muscles during high intensity powerful movements, which can increase the duration or power of those certain movements.

Research consistently shows that creatine benefits muscle strength and size when training is appropriately executed.  Some people may not respond to creatine supplementation if their creatine levels are already high or due to lack of muscle size for enough creatine to be stored to have any significant results.

Creatine is recommended for those who are really looking to increase strength and muscular size and who are lacking creatin in their diet.  Some people have reported to feel bloated or feel like they are retaining water when taking creatine.

Number 4: Vitamin D

Vitamin D is another supplement that under the right conditions, is not necessarliy needed.  For those of us living in Vancouver, BC, we have an extreme lack of sun and Vitamin D is highly recomennded.  Many studies show that most people are deficient and lack vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential for many funtions in the body, including normal hormone function, immun function and bone formation and maintenance.  This can all help supplement working out and increase your over well being.

Supplementation is highly recomended during fall and winter months or if you are unable to get outside much.  A great product is cod liver fish oil, which may sound disgusting but is a great natural source of essential fats, omega 3’s and vitamin D.


Number 5: Caffeine

Caffeine might be the most famous and used drug in the world.  Caffeine has been tested countless times and proven to reduce fatigue temporarily, boost performance and also has minor short-term weight loss effects.

Caffeine gains these benefits by stimulating the release of adrenaline which can definitely improve athletic performance, which can lead to better results over time.

Caffeine is also found in many pre-workouts and is the main ingredient surrounded by many other performance enhancing ingredients such as beta-alanine, carnatine and more.

People should be careful with caffeine as it may overstimulate teh adrenal system wchich can lead to your body being over stimulated and adrenal fatigue.  This can produce heightened cortisol levels which is bad for performance, sleep and function.  Caffeine may not be the answer for you, but it is one of the most backed and proven supplements on the market.  Consult a health professional to determine what is right for you.

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Charissa Harbridge
Charissa Harbridge
22:46 03 Jun 20
Vaughan’s fitness is AMAZING! The staff are so friendly, professional and motivating. The facility is clean and... beautiful, also located on beautiful grounds. Jarid is a wonderful owner, he replies promptly to emails and is super excited to get clients what they want and need. I would absolutely never go another personal training facility because at Vaughan’s, I truly feel like I’m family. Everyone knows your name, they’re invested in your fitness goals and take an active role in learning more about you. This facility and it’s members and staff are legit. They’re amazing and I would HIGHLY recommend Vaughan’s fitness to anyone looking to get in shape and achieve their fitness goals. I’ve trained with Allysia, Alyssa, Alex and Ally and they’re all amazing! It’s also a super non-threatening environment. I’ve found with going to other gyms before it can be super intimidating when you don’t know all the machines are what exercises to do, but here they explain everything, it’s non-judgemental, and everyone roots for you. 10/10 would more
Luke Stewart
Luke Stewart
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A welcoming, professionally developed and evidently knowledgeable environment was the initial impression I observed... from Vaughan’s Fitness. One year later, I can confidently state that anyone’s goals are achievable with the dedication and support offered at Vaughan’s Fitness. In fact, you’ll enjoy surpassing them. Previously I struggle with appropriate workouts, nutritional guidance, and minor injuries. Initially I debated the decision of inquiring into personal trainers but grateful I chose to. Over the last year, Jarid has been genuinely accommodating to my chaotic schedule. Allowing me the opportunity of working parallel with several trainers who are immensely supportive. They are as interested in your wellbeing and goals as they are fun, motivating and more
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Barinder Singh
21:59 10 Feb 20
I love going to this place. Friendly staff, great environment. If you are looking for a nice and quiet place to workout... and for personal training, I would definitely recommend Vaughan’s more
Drako 89
Drako 89
18:55 06 Feb 20
Love how the training is unique to my health needs. Intelligent and compassionate trainers. Great atmosphere.
Hannah Rolfe
Hannah Rolfe
16:24 02 Feb 20
The trainers and atmosphere at Vaughan's Fitness are top tier. With tailored personal training, an uplifting team and... upbeat environment Jarid has curated an unparalleled training experience. Both myself and my coworkers are members and have seen tangible results within weeks. Highly recommend!read more
Barb Sweeney
Barb Sweeney
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I've been coming to VF for just under 2 years. I do a lot of active, bike and hike, travel and my sessions here ensure... that I'm able to enjoy my trips to the fullest. The trainers are all so knowledgeable, and it's always such a friendly and welcoming place to work out! I miss it when I'm more
Rob Koreman
Rob Koreman
23:24 02 Jan 20
If you’re like me you have been humming and hawing about doing this for a long time. You are looking at websites,... getting all ready to go for it only to say to yourself “maybe later”. I have done the big gym thing before and it’s not my cup of tea, main reasons being that I can never decide what equipment I should use or exercises to do, what areas I need to focus on and most importantly how to perform every exercise properly as to not injure myself. I’m one that needs to just show up to the gym, be told what exercises I am doing and be guided through those exercises in a manner that I won’t injure myself, but also with the intent to achieve the greatest result. I have now been a member at Vaughan’s for over a year and can’t say enough about it. First off this testimonial is something I have wanted to do for a long time. I work out three times per week and have worked with the same two trainers the entire time, Alyssa and Jazmin. I have also on occasion had the fortune of working with some of the other trainers, while mine were on holidays. Marissa, Allyshia, Julianne and Tyler have all been fabulous and a pleasure to work with. This gym is nothing like the ‘big box chain style gyms’. There is no need to feel intimidated and there is every age and body type working out here. If however, you are looking for yoga or spin classes this is not the gym for you. You get to know everyone from the trainers along with many of the other members. It is without a doubt something I look forward to doing each and every time and that’s something I never thought I would hear myself say as I have always hated the gymJarid Vaughn has created an incredible environment here and joining his gym is one of the best things I have ever done. I turned 50 when I first joined and I while I eat fairly well, I was a bit heavier than I wanted to be, had aches and pains here and there and just generally wanted to feel healthier and feel better about myself. I have achieved all that and then some. I never have to weigh myself because I can see the changes. I can easily say that I am in the best physical shape of my life and while I may still have the odd ache and pain (I am over 50 after all), so many of the other issues I was having for years have all disappeared. My wife has now joined Vaugn’s one day per week and she too is really enjoying it. If you are hesitating on whether or not to join, I hope I have at least convinced you to contact Jarid and set up a consultation. Then you can stop doing your endless research on the internet and making excuses. Rob Koremanread more
Sarah Ortis
Sarah Ortis
19:51 04 Dec 19
If you have any sort of fitness goals, go to Vaughan’s Fitness. The first time I trained with Vaughan’s I needed to get... core strength to fix a back injury, and the second time was to tone up and develop over all body strength. I had very noticeable results after only a couple weeks of training and stayed training for 6+ months because I got so much out of it. My back pain has never returned and am now in great shape. The team at Vaughan’s are very knowledgeable and skilled.I learned so much about effective exercises with proper form. The sessions are tailored to your personal goals and are broken up between various types of exercises which makes each session new, interesting, and enjoyable. I cannot recommend Vaughan’s enough. They are awesome and I am so grateful for more
Stephanie Ius
Stephanie Ius
23:47 30 Nov 19
Vaughan's fitness is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. The team there is amazing, and the training is the best... I've had. I am very happy with the results and would highly recommend to anyone looking for a gym!read more
21:53 19 Nov 19
My husband and I wanted to start going to the gym about a year ago and I am very happy we chose Vaughn's Fitness. The... staff are very well trained, friendly and accommodating. Thanks to Jarid and the staff, we had a good year and will be more
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