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Our results speak for themselves and is why we have become the number one option in Langley for sports specific training.  The excellent word of mouth has propelled VF to new heights and has allowed our trainers to deliver thousands of sessions to our athletes, allowing us to keep getting better and better.

We keep ourselves accountable by allowing a cancel-anytime policy.  If an athlete doesnt like our training, they are free to try something else.  This ensures we are delivering the best possible sessions to get the results they deserve.  Dont believe us?  Take a look at our testimonials and our 5 star google rating to see what others are saying. We also have our athletes page with some of our incredible success stories.

Our philosophy is to get an athlete long term, sustainable results that can last their entire career. Many trainers take short cuts for short term success and sacrifice long term growth and athleticism. This is not the case at Vaughan’s Fitness. We will lead and inspire any athlete to their greatest personal bests and achievements.

By taking an individualized approach to each and every athlete, we can put together a program that takes into account the athletes background, motivations, their specific and individual sports needs, strengths and weaknesses to put together a personalized program that gets efficient and long lasting results.

Get ready to improve your sport.


Sports Specific Training Langley – 5,000+ sessions Helping With:


If your report requires sprinting, jumping, throwing, kicking, skating, acceleration, then you will need to develop power.  Power is the combination of speed and strength – the ability of your nervous system to recruit as many muscles fibres as possible in the shortest amount of time.  Specific training is needed to develop power and needs an experienced trainer in order to do so. At VF we have countless hours and great success in developing power for athletes of all ages and skill levels, in all varieties of sports.


Any sport that requires your muscles to move your body or perform tasks such as throwing, shooting a ball, basketball or puck, require increased levels of strength. Our strength and conditioning team will help put on strength in a safe and sustainble manner without losing athleticism or speed.


“Speed kills.” We have all heard this cliche in sports and it definitely is true. Speed is a huge advantage in almost every sport.  Speed comes from a combination of power, coordination, stability, mobility and technique. With our background and experience, we are the top option for developing speed in athletes of any level and sport.


Improving endurance will improve your work capacity for your sport and allow you perform at a higher level for longer.  Our training will improve endurance if that is your goal, to ensure a fitness level above your competition and peers.

Gaining Muscle

Size is an advantage in many sports and an athlete needs to put on muscle.  We can help with hypertrophy (muscle gaining) workouts to increase muscle mass, all the while maintaining speed and athleticism.

Core Strength

As an athlete frows, the core strength is sometimes left behind. We will assess and determine an athletes function in order to balance out the body and ensure the essential muscles of the core are working properly in order to improve athletic performance.


We will ensure our athletes stay mobile and flexible to decrease the chance of injury and also improve performance and movement.


1on1 training with an expert coach will give an athlete the edge over their competitors and peers allowing for greater performance, results and confidence.

Plus many more areas including agility, coordination, technique, change of direction, sports injuries and more.

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What is
Sports Specific Training?

Sports specific training is a an individualised and specified training method to increase the athleticism and performance levels for a particular sport.  Each sport requires unique muscular and neurological coordination and control in order to achieve the specific task requirements of the sport. This can include running, sprinting, throwing, shooting, jumping, change of direction and many more movement patterns.

In order to improve performance for any sport, our team of kinesiologists will analyze what movements the sport requires along with the strengths and weaknesses of the particular athlete.  We then combine the goals of the athlete to put together an individualized and specific program to help the athlete reach perfomance bests for the short and long term.

No matter what the sport is and what area you need to improve, Vaughan’s Fitness can help. Our Langley Sports Specific training has helped dozens of athletes take their game to the next level.

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Sports Specific Training
Can help improve

Langley sports specific training is available to anyone who wants to improve:

  • Athleticism for their specified sport.
  • Speed.
  • Power.
  • Explosiveness.
  • Strength.
  • Size.
  • Conditioning.
  • Endurance and stamina.
  • Agility.
  • Core strength.
  • Muscular imbalances.
  • Technique and coordination.
  • Flexibility and mobility.
  • Mental strength and confidence.

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What our athletes are saying


Takeshi Fujiwara

Jarid Vaughan is a sports strengthening savvy and a great motivator, his support was crucial in my preparation en route to the Olympics. Working with him was vital for improving my strength condition and learning practical exercises that consequently improved my skills in the gym as well as on the track.**

Takeshi Fujiwara
Olympian and World Championship Track and Field Competitor

Michael Choice

Jarid helped me gain knowledge of how to run with technique and form, it has helped me gain range in the outfield while also running better times on the bases. I have also been able to stay injury free due to his running techniques, my form has allowed me to take stress off of muscles that I was used to having problems with. I highly recommend you take your athleticism to the next level by training with Jarid Vaughan!

Michael Choice
10th Overall, 1st round draft pick - Oakland A's - MLB Athlete

Keegan Maddocks

Making it to the next level in sports requires significant sacrifice AND a great support team. Jarid and his staff were instrumental in supporting me in improving fitness, flexibility, and strength; both physical AND mental strength. They educated me as to proper stretching, muscles and how they work, including the mental side of overcoming diversity. Jarid also worked directly with me on gaining the best results from “Combines Testing” allowing me to produce the results I needed to achieve my short term goals. Working with Jarid and his team was a great decision, one which I recommend to any athlete wanting to reach their goals **

Keegan Maddocks
Drafted to the WHL Victoria Royals in 2018

Louise Forsythe

Jarid was a huge help in me achieving my goal of making the Canadian National basketball team and getting an NCAA scholarship for Basketball. My strength, fitness, and mobility improved drastically and I am continuing to work with him in preparation for NCAA Division I Basketball at Gonzaga University. He is very organized in his planning of my workouts and is attentive to proper form for each exercise. I look forward to training with him each week. He is a great trainer for an aspiring athlete. – Louise Forsythe.

Louise Forsythe
Team Canada, NCAA Basketball: Gonzaga

Regan Yee

I started training with Jarid because of his background in elite athletics, and his experience and expertise in this field have proved to be invaluable to my training. Jarid creates strength and conditioning programs that are carefully tailored to meet my athletic goals, but also makes minor adjustments during our one-on-one sessions to take into account how I am feeling on that specific day. The motivation and direction provided by Jarid have helped me to run internationally ranking times as well as remain injury-free while competing year-round in indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country. The atmosphere at Vaughan’s Fitness is always positive and it is a pleasure to work with Jarid and the other trainers here.

Regan yee
Team Canada - Track and Field

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