Spin Class Langley

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Vaughan’s Fitness – Personal Training Langley – offers the best spin class in Langley.  Why is it the best?  It is the best class in Langley because we offer a version of spin class that no other gyms offer which incorporate weights, core and stretching into the 1 hour session.


In our spin class we break it up into sections where you get your traditional spin sweat on, but also do weights and stretches to balance out the workout.  This creates a unique 1 hour class that gets results very quickly and efficiently.  A traditional spin class will get you a great sweat but is quite imbalanced as being on the bike for an hour only works a certain group of muscles.  Our class counters that by spiking that heart rate and getting the same burn, but also adds in weights, core, and stretches to give the best sweat and balanced workout you can find.

Our spin classes are also semi-private.  This allows our personal trainers (all Kinesiologists) to have eyes on you at all time to correct poor mechanics or movements.  Our personal trainers are the best in Langley and can help you with any questions regarding yoru health and fitness goals.

Contact us today to book your spot in our semi-private langley spin classes that will have you looking and feeling great in no time.