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Personal Training Langley:  If you are looking for Personal Training in Langley, you have found the right place.  Vaughan’s Fitness has opened and offers premium training found no where else in Langley and the Fraser Valley.  Feel free to browse our site or read more to learn more about what we offer.

If you are like most people, working out can seem boring, tiring, or maybe even pointless. You can spend hours in the gym and see no results. Some people even have trouble showing up to the gym, or when they get there, they dont know what to do. This is where Vaughan’s can help.

By taking the first step and contacting us, you can leave the rest to our top trainers in the industry. We will first talk to you, listening and learning about you and your fitness goals and needs. After that, we will create a personalized program designed to lead you to success. A trainer will now teach, demonstrate, inspire, motivate and show you how to get the most out of each training session. This saves you time AND gives you huge results after each and every training session.

hsmallOur trainers CARE about you and will be there for you by email, phone or in person, whether you are at the gym or at home. We at Vaughan’s will be working with you, every step of the way towards your goals.

We have the best trainers in the industry. Years of experience, personal athletic achievements, years of education with degrees, are a must for all trainers. Being lead by the best will help you to become your best, because the trainers know what it takes to get you to your fitness goal.

By taking the first step and contacting Vaughan’s, you are on your way to whatever your fitness goals may be: losing weight, body toning, building muscle, increasing speed,strength or power. Whatever they may be, Vaughan’s will help you get there. Take the first step.

More about Jarid and Vaughan’s Personal Training Langley Options

Jarid Vaughan is the founder and head personal trainer at the Gym at High Point located in Langley.  He spent 5 years in Texas getting his BSC in Exercise Science while competing in NCAA div1 track and field where he won 3 conference title and gained all-american honors.  After graduating, Jarid helped personal train the NCAA track team at the University of Texas in Arlington along with other professional and Olympic athletes.

Jarid VaughanSince moving back to Langley, Jarid has personal trained the general population in all areas of fitness: weight loss, body sculpting, muscle building, toning, cardio, strength, power, icbc claims, muscular imbalance improvements, flexibility and mobility, etc.

Jarid personal trains out of the Gym at High Point, an exclusive, private and beautiful gym located in South Langley.  The gym offers the latest in cardio equipment, strength machines, free weights, functional fitness, stretching areas, social lounge with pool tables, steam rooms and a sun deck.  The combination of Jarid’s experience and the beautiful facility make Vaughan’s Fitness the premium personal training option for Langley.

Personal training customers can expect a fun, action packed hour, with a great atmosphere and none of the intimidation found in some gyms.  Jarid will be by your side for the whole hour, teaching and guiding you to your fitness goals no matter what they may be.

Sign up today for a free consultation and two free personal training Langley sessions.  We will lead you to your fitness goals.

Personal Training Langley also includes many benefits to customers including circuit classes, run groups, free hikes and adventures and much more.

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