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Top 5 Reasons For Hiring a Kinesiologist

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Author: Melissa Pankratz To know why it is important to hire a Kinesiologist, we must first understand what a Kinesiologist is. Kinesiology is the study of human movement, performance, and function. Kinesiologists are able to apply studies of anatomy, biomechanics, physiology and neurosciences to human movement. With this knowledge, Kinesiologists can provide a well-rounded health service to the public that includes …

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10 Principals of Fascial Stretch Therapy

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Author: Kendall Brand What is Fascial Stretch Therapy? FST is a modified proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation flexibility system. It involves stabilization straps to assess and remove restrictions to movement in joints, muscles, fascia and the nervous system. FST is hands-on and results are quicker and more thorough than traditional, isolated stretching. FST involves traction in various positions and planes, traction is …

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Building Your Glutes While Future Proofing Your Body!

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Building Your Glutes While Future Proofing Your Body! Author: Melissa Pankratz These days’ people are obsessed with building perfect looking, plump, and round glutes. Social media has sent floods of people to the gym to perform every glute exercise under the sun in order to gain the best look bum. However, there are actually some fantastic benefits from exercising your …

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2017 Updates at Vaughan’s Fitness Langley Personal Training

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Opening up in 2013, Vaughan’s Fitness has been providing premium personal training to Langley, Surrey and White rock areas.  Our business has grown to 6 full time trainers due to our healthy, sustainable philosophy towards personal training and kinesiology and our excellent results with customers. We have added many new exercise equipment and options for training.  Cutting edge new tools …

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Get Fit Langley

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Get Fit Langley – If you are looking to get fit in Langley, Vaughan’s Fitness is the best option!  If you are like most others, finding the perfect fit for fitness can be a challenge.  Most people when starting a workout program need accountability and a good starting foundation to form healthy habits that last a lifetime.  This is where …

Spin Class Langley

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Vaughan’s Fitness – Personal Training Langley – offers the best spin class in Langley.  Why is it the best?  It is the best class in Langley because we offer a version of spin class that no other gyms offer which incorporate weights, core and stretching into the 1 hour session.   In our spin class we break it up into sections …

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Stretch Therapy Langley

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If you are looking for Stretch Therapy in Langley – Vaughan’s Fitness has you covered. If you suffer from tight muscles, inflexibility, pain or injury – stretch therapy can help. All trainers at Vaughan’s Fitness have their degrees in Kinesiology and can provide an individualized stretch therapy session that works for you. Stretch Therapy is more than just stretching all …

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Langley Personal Training 2016

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Its a new year and its time for a new you.  If you are looking for Langley personal training in 2016 Vaughan’s Fitness is the answer for you! If you are like everyone else you are looking to improve something health and fitness related.  This could be muscle size and tone, decrease body fat %, improve posture and imbalances, or …

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Langley Kinesiologist

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If you are looking for a Langley Kinesiologist you have found the right place.  All trainers at Vaughan’s Fitness have their degree in kinesiology and are ready to work with your health and well being. Whether you need a Langley Kinesiologist for a higher level of personal training, or for a more detailed and specialised workout, we can help you. …