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Langley RCMP PARE Test Training

In Information, PARE Training by Jarid

Are you preparing to take the PARE? Vaughan’s Fitness can help. Our premier Langley Personal Trainers have helped many pass the physical exam. All of our trainers are university graduated with degrees in exercise science or kinesiology. This means that each trainer can identify your individual needs, strengths and weaknesses in order to come up with a personalized training plan …

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Three Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

In Athletic, Health Tips, Information by Cheyenne Whitburn

By: Cam Friesen Everyone has their own perception of healthy eating. Eat your greens. Avoid saturated fats. And the now-popular: avoid carbs at all costs! However, sometimes it can get confusing with SO many different people telling you SO many different eating tips. So I decided to boil it down to just three simple tips to assist you in creating good eating habits. 1. Drink …

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The Importance of Flexibility

In Health Tips by Cheyenne Whitburn

By: Kendall Brand Flexibility is often overlooked when it comes to working out, you complete your hard work out and head home. Flexibility is a lot more important than many may know. We need flexibility to be able to move, to reach up to the top shelf to grab food, or to bend down to do laundry. Without flexibility these …