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The Importance of Flexibility

In FST, Health Tips, Kinesiology by Jarid

The Importance of Flexibility: by Kendall Brand Flexibility is often overlooked when it comes to working out, you complete your hard workout and head home. Flexibility is a lot more important than many may know. We need flexibility to be able to move, to reach up to the top shelf to grab food, or to bend down to do laundry. …

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5 Tips For Managing Lower Back Pain

In Back Pain, Health Tips, Kinesiology by Jarid

5 Tips For Managing Lower Back Pain: By Hazel Ross, BKin I have been working as a professional Kinesiologist for a number of years now and during that time a common issue that many clients come to our facility struggling with is lower back pain. Despite great efforts by employers to reduce seated work or heavy lifting, there are still …

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Personal Training

In Langley Personal Training by Jarid

Vaughan’s Fitness provides premium personal training to Langley and all surrounding neighborhoods and cities. Improving fitness and health can be frustrating, going to the gym, eating the right things, but no results seem to be occurring. Whether you are a general fitness seeker or elite athlete, old or young, male or female, we all share the same frustrations. This is …