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Nothing will replace face to face 1 on 1 personal training with your Kinesiologist, but online virtual training is definitely the next best thing.  For a temporary time Vaughan’s Fitness is offering virtual training to interested customers.

Our virtual training sessions are 45 minutes and will leave you sweating,  feeling accomplished and happy that you have fed your body health and fitness.  We can also dial back the routine to help with active rehabilitation for those with injuries.

Our trainers will customize and guide you through your workout based on your space and workout equipment available.  No workout equipment? No problem! We can take you through full body workouts with no equipment needed.


How it works

We make the process as seamless and smooth as possible allowing you to focus on the workout at hand.

Step 1 – You will receive a link by e-mail or text to join your workout session.

Step 2 – Click the link from either your phone or laptop.

Step 3 – Place your phone or laptop on a chair or table so that your camera faces your workout spot. 

That’s it! You are now set up for a 1on1 training session with one of our live Kinesiologists!


In Action

Set your laptop or phone on a chair to see your trainer demonstrate your exercises and hear them guide you through each rep!

Your phone or laptop’s camera will be viewing the trainer demonstrating the exercises for you.

The trainer will be looking back at you through your phone or laptop!  grab some water and a towel and lets begin!


All you need is yourself, 45 minutes, and a device hooked up to the internet with a camera that faces your workout area.

How Do I begin?

Simply email Jarid at and let us know your general availability and what equipment you have available (no equipment is totally fine!). We will then reply with your confirmed timespot. 


We are offering discounted personal training rates during this unprecedented time.  We are keeping pricing simple at $70 per session.

For existing VF customers you will receive an email invoice at the end of the month with exactly how many sessions received.

For new customers, you can pay per session or pre-pay for any amount of sessions needed.


“Hi Jarid,  Just telling Phil how great it was!  All went well. I could hear and see Jazmin fine.  I’m sweating like mad, so I got a good workout. It felt so good to get back to it.

It’s amazing how uncomplicated a good workout can be – not that we use a lot of equipment at the gym, but we are surrounded by things there. And I did not feel like anything was missing.

Phil is looking forward to next week”- Deb H


Simply call or email and we can get you set up to start receiving world class live kinesiologist training over your phone or laptop!

Call: 604.379.1144


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We are so sure you will enjoy our virtual training we are giving your 1st trial session for FREE!