Are you preparing to take the PARE? Vaughan’s Fitness can help. Our premier Langley Personal Trainers have helped many pass the physical exam. All of our trainers are university graduated with degrees in exercise science or kinesiology. This means that each trainer can identify your individual needs, strengths and weaknesses in order to come up with a personalized training plan for you to succeed in your PARE testing.

We have had many individuals preparing for the PARE and have helped these individuals from day 1 leading up to the day of the exam. We can prepare for all obstacle, push and pull tests, cardio, strength and fitness to help your confidence and physical ability on your important day.

The reason for our success is the ability to individualize the training. We take into account your personal fitness background, any aches or pains, your motivations, your goals and timeline to put together the perfect program for you.

If you want to prepare for the PARE exam with the top Langley personal training team, give us a call at 604-379-1144 or send us an email and we can get started with our free consultation.