The Best Gym in Langley

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If you are looking for the best gym in Langley to train out of, Vaughan’s Gym is the gym for you.  Many people have trouble finding a gym that they enjoy working out of, that is what separates Vaughans gym from those Gyms.

Vaughan’s gym offers a friendly atmosphere, boasting a beautiful facility located in South Langley.  Brand new cardio equipment, strength machines, free weights and the latest in functional training tools are why many are choosing this exclusive private gym as their best gym in langley choice.

You don’t have to worry about people throwing weights around, intimidating staff or members, or equipment being used up.  We offer a friendly, fun, private and exclusive atmosphere with awesome music, towels, water, friendly staff and members.

Not only does the best Gym in Langley have all of the latest fitness equipment, members will have access to free circuits, 2 free personal training sessions and access to hikes and events.  Vaughan’s gym also allows access to tennis courts, steam rooms, showers, a sun deck and a social area equipped with pool tables, big screen tvs and more!

If you would like a place to get trained by a personal trainer, we also offers personal training lead by Vaughan’s Fitness.  Vaughan’s Fitness, runs and operates the best Gym in Langley and offers many options for 1 on 1 and doubles personal training.

There is also a promotion going on right now, if you sign up now, Vaughan’s Fitness is offering 2 free personal training sessions!  Meet the Trainer or Sign-Up for your free sessions.

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