Full Body Barbell Workout

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Full Body Barbell Workout


The theme for this weeks workout is the barbell.  The barbell is the long bar where you can stack weight on the side.  A traditional weighted barbell is 45 lbs while others may be lighter or heavier.  The advantages of using a barbell for certain exercises are that you can stack the weight on and lift very heavy loads.  There is also more stability when using two arms compared to one so more weight can be pushed or pulled.  What people have to watch out for is overloading a barbell and forfeiting good technique.  This can lead to injuries and poor posture.

There are many types of workouts you can do with a barbell.  The way this workout is set up is a circuit style.  Keeping the heart rate up while also getting a good general conditioning strength and conditioning workout.


The Workout:

[list type=”4″]
  • 30-60 second rest in between exercises
  • Weight can stay the same for a conditioning workout.  Use less rest for this style.
  • Change the weight for each exercise for more of a strength workout.  Use longer rest in between exercises.
  • Go through each exercise in the list once and then repeat.  2 times for beginners, 3x for advanced, 4x for the brave
  • Whole workout can be done on the spot.  No walking around the gym.
  • This is a general barbell conditioning workout
    .  I recommend an individualized workout for your specific needs contact “Vaughan’s Fitness” here for more info.


Cardio Warmup

[list type=”4″]
  • 5 Minute Cardio Warmup
  • 10 Minutes Injury Prevention drills/dynamic stretches


Main Exercises

[list type=”4″]
  • Standing Over Head Press (10 reps) – try not to arch your lower back.  Stabilize with the hips.


  • BB Front Squats (10 reps)


  • Underhand Bent Over Rows – Row to beneath your belly button,  Perform a correct hip hinge.  Explanation found here.


  • Barbell Curls (10 reps) – Shoulders kept back, body still.


  • Barbell on your back, on the spot high knee marches (10 each leg).  A good stability exercise for your hips.  Place the bb on your back and march on the spot very slowly.  Concentrate on keeping your base leg straight and not bent at the knee.




There you have it.  An awesome barbell full body power blast!  If you have any questions on how to perform these exercises drop a line in the comment section below.  For a program tailored to your needs, contact me here.  We have Langleys best personal trainers to help you out for free.

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