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Three Tips for Healthy Eating Habits

In Athletic, Health Tips, Information by Cheyenne Whitburn

By: Cam Friesen Everyone has their own perception of healthy eating. Eat your greens. Avoid saturated fats. And the now-popular: avoid carbs at all costs! However, sometimes it can get confusing with SO many different people telling you SO many different eating tips. So I decided to boil it down to just three simple tips to assist you in creating good eating habits. 1. Drink …

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Building Your Glutes While Future Proofing Your Body!

In Glutes by Jarid

Building Your Glutes While Future Proofing Your Body! Author: Melissa Pankratz These days’ people are obsessed with building perfect looking, plump, and round glutes. Social media has sent floods of people to the gym to perform every glute exercise under the sun in order to gain the best look bum. However, there are actually some fantastic benefits from exercising your …

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Glutes and Core Workout “Butt Workout”

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Glutes and Core Workout “Butt Workout”   Last week I posted a 6 week body building workout that was mostly popular among the guys.  This is not to say that  women can’t benefit from a muscle building program.  There are many benefits to building muscle such as burning more calories, injury prevention and a better well being. This week will cater …

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Free 6 Week Body Building Workout

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This is a sample free 6 week  body building workout.  If you are looking to add some muscle mass, or add some strength/strength endurance, this is the workout for you. Free 6 Week Body Building Workout tips: [list type=”2″] Eat enough food!  If you want to add muscle, you have to eat enough calories to do so.  If you dont …