I am officially 6 weeks into my eating plan and we have had a few serious and emotionally charged blogs in a row. So I thought it was time to share with you my favourite at home workout for when I am short on time and need a quick workout that will not only challenge me but is also easy enough to perform in my small apartment without equipment.

Typically when I am doing an at home workout I will set a timer for 15-20 minutes and do a circuit of 4 exercises at 30 second intervals for 2 minutes straight, take 30 second break and repeat for 3 rounds. After 3 rounds are finished I start a second circuit of 4 exercises in the same reps/sets/time scheme. If I have time to do a full 20 minutes I will tack on an extra two exercises as a third circuit. I still complete 30s of each exercises with 30s break in between each set and a 1 minute rest at the end to finish. Here is one of my favourite work outs as follows:

Circuit 1

Chair Plank With Shoulder Taps

Place your feet evenly on the chair. Push yourself up into a plank position. For here brace your core and begin to slowly tap your one shoulder at a time with the opposing hand. Make sure that your hips remain parallel to the ground and that they remain as still as possible. No shifting left to right!

Two Squats, Two Tuck Jumps

Make sure you have lots of space for this one. Do two deep squats followed by two tuck jumps. This one is sure to get your heart rate up. Repeat until the time is up!

Star Core

Lying on your back with your legs widespread on the floor and your arms both overhead. Crunch your core up as your touch one foot with the opposing hand. Alternate side until the time is up.

Chair Hip Thrusts

Place a kitchen chair against a wall to make sure it does not slide. Position yourself on the chair so that your shoulder blades are supporting you on the chair itself. Make sure that your legs are positioned so that the knee is bent at a 90 degree angle. Push your hips up to the ceiling by squeezing your glutes and engaging your core. From here relax your hips down to the ground. Repeat this movement until the time is up.


Circuit 2

Mountain climbers

Get into a high plank position. Make sure to keep your spine in a neutral position maintaining a flat back throughout the entire movement. Slowly begin to bring one knee into your chest. Place that foot back down on the floor and bring the other knee to your chest. Alternate back and forth until the time is up keeping your core engaged the entire time.

Reverse Lunges

For this movement start off standing nice and tall. Step one foot back behind you hinge down so that your legs maintain a 90/90 position and your torso is passing right down the middle of both legs. Come back up to standing and then repeat this movement on the other leg. Alternate back and forth until the time is up. If you want more of a challenge with this movement. Take a heavy book or some cans and hold then overhead. Make sure to maintain your arm position with this variation. Keeping your arms night and tight to your ears, not letting them sink down.

Chair push ups

For this movement go back to your chair that is placed against the wall. Grip both sides of the chair with your hands. Make sure to maintain a flat back through the entire movement. No slithering snakes here! Slowly lower yourself toward the chair and then push back up.

Lateral squat walks

For this exercise I tend to use the entire length of our apartment and walk end to end keeping a low position the entire time. If you have any mini bands at home, this is a great exercises to use them for. Just take whatever resistance you prefer and pull the band up your legs until it is resting just above your knees.


Circuit 3

Jumping Jacks

Simple and easy – You know how to do them so get at ‘em!

Glute Bridge March

Lying on the floor. Have your knees bent at approximately 45 degrees. Push your hips up to the ceiling so that you are balancing on your shoulder blades and feet. Remain in this position and begin to march your knees up one at a time. Make sure to maintain this plank like position by engaging the core and squeezing your glutes.


Sometimes I will finish with 1 set of 10 stair runs to cap off the workout. I generally just do these in the stairwell of the building

My hope in sharing this workout with you is that you will feel encouraged to try and workout at home when you are short on time. I know this happens to me frequently and though I am in a gym for work, it doesn’t always mean I want to hang around there before or after all the time to do a workout. I also love to challenge myself to find new ways to work out in a timely fashion while at home if necessary.

Give this work out a go and let us know if you liked it or not!  Feel free to e-mail me at melissa@vaughansfitness.com with any questions!