Meal Prep:

Someone out there just read those two words and groaned! Don’t get me wrong, I am with you. It is time consuming and often exhausting but meal prep is essential to success on any meal plan. The more you have prepared ahead of time, the better your success will be in the long term.

With my VF plan I have found that I operate the best when I have two days to prepare my meals for the week. I will generally take Sunday to prepare half of my meals and then do the other half on Wednesday. Now this does not always mean that I am prepared for every single meal of the day. On my meal plan, I am able to make half the meals right there on the spot. When I prep meals, it is for those times when I am at work and only have 5 minutes to heat up something before I need to get back to what I am doing. So how much time does it take to prep these few dinner meals, you might be wondering. Well, on average, I spend about two and a half hours on Sunday and Wednesday cooking all the meals. I try to multitask during this time for the most part. So I may be cutting up the veggies for one meal while the other is cooking on the stove. It may get chaotic but it saves time for me. I then take matching Tupperware and place each meal in them. I stack them in the fridge after and voila, my lunch and dinner meals are ready to go for the next few days. I also make a point of chopping up extra veggies just in case I get home and I am absolutely starving. If I need to take time to prepare a meal, at least I have a healthy snack to tie me over while I wait.

I also will shop for the groceries that I need on Sunday so that I am prepared for the week and generally don’t need to go back out again unless I forgot something. Being on a meal plan, it is important to note that the first grocery haul is generally the most expensive due to the required purchase of a few staples that you may require in the long term. However, the trips following this tend to be significantly lower. Unless you husband is 6’7, like mine, and could eat a small family of horses. Then you might have other problems.

Either way, meal prepping ahead of time will be the key to your success on a meal plan. It is a well-known fact that your diet is far more important than the activity you do at the gym. It is no lie that abs are made in the kitchen even if the actual muscles are built at the gym, you aren’t going to see them unless your diet is on point. So get to it!


Have you ever told yourself, maybe I am just not meant to be [fill in the blank] – slim, muscular, athletic, strong, confident in myself, or even under the weight of blank. Now, I’m not saying it is ok to think this way about certain genetic traits that you possess. For example, I can’t just wish away the fact that I am 6’1 and taller than half the MALE population, let alone the female one. It does not work that way. However, if you constantly are telling yourself that you can’t strive to be better at something, or stronger, fitter and healthier because “maybe you just aren’t meant to live your life that way,” you need to do a self-check. As human beings we tend to create the most unnecessary negative thoughts about our own selves that we would never in a million years think about someone else. We tell ourselves that we aren’t good enough far too often and it shapes how we move forward into each day. This is one area that I am still working on myself. It is likely a lifelong challenge that many of us will struggle with. I want to challenge you today to change your thinking. When you feel those negative thoughts crawl into your head, push back. Switch the game up by thinking the opposite, and then GO DO IT! The more you tell yourself, yes I can, and the closer you will get to those goals that just seem so far away from you. It is not just about actually preparing physically for the day by crafting up meals, but preparation is sometimes very mental as well. Make a mental plan to be positive about your goals and go execute them! You will amaze yourself at how far you can push the limits.

If you want to try the program that I am following, give us a shout through our contact page or call 604-379-1144.  Our nutritional package is designed just for you and includes meal times that work with your schedule, a shopping and grocery list, and foods that fit your personal eating and life style preferences including vegan, gluten free, etc.  As my blogs show the mental battles that one can encounter, this nutritional package sets you up for a sustainable approach that allows healthy habits to form leading to great long lasting results.