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Listed below are current and former athletes that we have trained at Vaughan’s Fitness This list is just a sample from the many years of athletic training we have performed. Check out our sports specific training page for more information on training towards the next level for your sport.

Takeshi Fujiwara – Track and Field – Sprints (Olympian)

Jarid helped Takeshi develop his strength and speed to improve his overall power for track and field. Takeshi is a 1x Olympic competitor and 6x world championship competitor. Takeshi attended the University of Texas for Track and field and competed 4 years in the NCAA.

“Jarid Vaughan is a sports strengthening savvy and a great motivator, his support was crucial in my preparation en route to the Olympics. Working with him was vital for improving my strength condition and learning practical exercises that consequently improved my skills in the gym as well as on the track” – Takeshi Fujiwara.

  • 1x Olympian
  • 6x World Championships
  • NCAA competitor

Louise Forsythe – Basketball (team Canada, Gonzaga NCAA)

Jarid Vaughan helped coach and train Louise for improvements in strength, size, explosiveness, quickness and overall athleticism en route to her selection to team Canada and a selection to the NCAA. Louise currently plays for Gonzaga university in the NCAA and is one of Canadas top women basketball players.

“Jarid was a huge help in me achieving my goal of making the Canadian National basketball team and getting an NCAA scholarship for Basketball. My strength, fitness, and mobility improved drastically and I am continuing to work with him in preparation for NCAA Division I Basketball at Gonzaga University. He is very organized in his planning of my workouts and is attentive to proper form for each exercise. I look forward to training with him each week. He is a great trainer for an aspiring athlete. – Louise Forsythe.

  • Currently plays in NCAA – Gonzaga womens Basketball
  • Team Canada
  • Bc High School Basketball Champion

Keegan Maddocks – Hockey (whl)

Vaughan’s Fitness has helped Keegan over the years develop explosiveness, overall athleticism, injury rehabilitation and much more to help Keegan towards his future goals in Hockey. Keegan was drafted 165th overall in the WHL draft to the Victoria Royals.

“Making it to the next level in sports requires significant sacrifice AND a great support team. Jarid and his staff were instrumental in supporting me in improving fitness, flexibility, and strength; both physical AND mental strength. They educated me as to proper stretching, muscles and how they work, including the mental side of overcoming diversity. Jarid also worked directly with me on gaining the best results from “Combines Testing” allowing me to produce the results I needed to achieve my short term goals. Working with Jarid and his team was a great decision, one which I recommend to any athlete wanting to reach their goals” – Keegan Maddocks

  • Bantam Prep CSSHL
  • BC U15 Goalie
  • BC U16 Goalie
  • Drafted to the WHL Victoria Royals in 2018

Michael Choice – Baseball (mlb)

Jarid helped Michael with lifitng and run technique to help his combine results before being drafted to the MLB. Running speed and power was essential in the final developments of Michael’s budding career.

“Jarid helped me gain knowledge of how to run with technique and form, it has helped me gain range in the outfield while also running better times on the bases. I have also been able to stay injury free due to his running techniques, my form has allowed me to take stress off of muscles that I was used to having problems with. I highly recommend you take your athleticism to the next level by training with Jarid Vaughan!” – Michael Choice

  • 10th Overall – 1st Round Draft pick by the Oakland A’s
  • Played for the Oakland A’s and the Texas Rangers
  • Played 4 years NCAA

Regan Yee – Track and Field, Long Distance (team Canada)

Jarid is the strength and conditioning coach for Regan Yee, an international competitor in the 1500/ 3k and steeplechase for Team Canada. Regan has represented her University in the CIS to multiple national victories, has represented team BC at the national level and also Team Canada at international competition.

“I started training with Jarid because of his background in elite athletics, and his experience and expertise in this field have proved to be invaluable to my training. Jarid creates strength and conditioning programs that are carefully tailored to meet my athletic goals, but also makes minor adjustments during our one-on-one sessions to take into account how I am feeling on that specific day. The motivation and direction provided by Jarid have helped me to run internationally ranking times as well as remain injury-free while competing year-round in indoor track, outdoor track, and cross country. The atmosphere at Vaughan’s Fitness is always positive and it is a pleasure to work with Jarid and the other trainers here.” – Regan Yee

  • Team Canada
  • CIS University Canada Champion
  • Multiple Canadian Gold Medals

Jadon Cohee – Basketball, NCAA, Team Canada

Jarid Vaughan helped Jadon Cohee in his preparation towards the NCAA in his final years at Walnut Grove secondary. Jadon and his team at WG captured the BC High school championship and eventually went on to play for University in the NCAA. Cohee is also a team Canada basketball member.

  • Team Canada
  • NCAA athlete – Seattle U, Southern Utah
  • BC High School Champion

Boston Bilous – Hockey (WHL)

Boston came to Vaughan’s Fitness with the intention of getting better conditioned while working on his quickness and lateral speed as a goaltender in hockey. VF helped Boston achieve these goals while getting drafted by the Edmonton Oil Kings WHL team.

  • WHL
  • Edmonton Oil Kings
  • Previously played for Fraser Valley Thunderbirds

Langley Falcons- Soccer

Vaughan’s Fitness, led by Hazel Ross, has helped the Langley u17 to great success in improving their sprint and run technique, speed and acceleration. During this time, the team has gone on to win many tournaments and championships.

  • Speed and conditioning
  • Run Technique
  • Overall athleticism

Ty Rowell- Basketball (NCAA)

Ty Rowell trained at Vaughan’s Fitness to improve quickness, speed, size and strength. Ty went on to an amazing senior year at Walnut Grove where they won the BC High School championship. Tyler signed to the California Baptist University to play NCAA div 1 basketball.

  • NCAA div 1 basketball
  • California Baptist University
  • BC High school champion

Hannah Rolfe – Sprints, High Jump (CIS)

Hannah Rolfe came to Vaughan’s Fitness for rehabilitation after an unfortunate Achilles tear. Jarid helped Hannah return to strength after injury before her first year competing for the University of Toronto in high jump and sprints.

  • Western Canada Games Champion
  • Team BC
  • University of Toronto Track and Field Team

Craig Whitton – Lacrosse, Langley Thunder

Craig came to Vaughan’s Fitness to put on size and strength while working on his run technique to improve his speed. VF helped him have huge strength gains while putting on over 15 lbs while decreasing his bf%.

  • Langley Thunder
  • Midget B provincial champion.
  • Gold medals in both U19 Tier 1 field provincials and Intermediate A lacrosse

Darby Dunn – Volleyball (NCAA)

Darby came to Vaughan’s fitness to improve her explosiveness and conditioning for volleyball specific training. While training under Jarid, Darby’s strength and power improved greatly, all the while getting recruited to Stetson University to play beach volleyball.
Her training at VF got her body ready for the demands of the NCAA.

  • Team BC member
  • Signed to Stetson University NCAA

Hugo Patel Thompson – Soccer, Mountain United FC

Hugo came to Vaughan’s Fitness because he wanted to improve the strength and flexibility in his hips. His other goals were to work on his core, upper body, and other strengthening/balancing to prevent injuries; as he develops as a player and play becomes more intense and competitive. Hugo says the conditioning is tougher at Vaughan’s Fitness than his regular soccer team so it gives him an advantage when he plays in Europe.

“The conditioning is tougher at Jarid’s than my regular soccer team, it’s even harder than the stuff we do in England, so I like it. It makes me more fit and keeps me from getting injured.” – Hugo

  • HPL Soccer – Mountain United FC
  • Wolverhampton Academy, UK
  • Sheffield Wednesday Academy, UK
  • Feyenoord Rotterdam Academy, Holland

Zara Patel Thompson – Gymnastics, White Rock Gymnastics

Zara came to Vaughan’s Fitness to focus on strengthening specific muscle groups to be able to incorporate new skills to her tumbling routines. She especially enjoys the handstand drills with the one-on-one spotting to ensure excellent form. Although she already trains gymnastics 3x/week and dances 4x/week, she will not give up her workouts at Vaughan’s Fitness because she enjoys them so much!

“I don’t get the conditioning workout that I get at Vaughan’s Fitness with Chelsea anywhere else. Because she used to do gymnastics, she understands exactly what I need and I LOVE the handstand drills with her spotting me to make sure everything is perfect. I’m stronger and because she watches my form so closely, it helps me to develop in a balanced way. – Zara”

  • Level 1 Gymnastics Coach
  • Member of Team Canada at World Gymnaestrada 2016 in Helsinki, Finland
  • Represents Langley Fine Arts School at High School Gymnastics – Level 3



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Try us out with two free personal Langley Personal Training sessions along with a free consultation. We will give you a tour of the facility, ask you some questions about your fitness background, your specific goals, and answer any questions. We can then set you up with the perfect workouts including the 2 free training sessions. Emaill to set up your free training sessions today.

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