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To support our staff during lower hours during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak, we are temporarily offering fully customized at home workout plans.  20% of every purchase will be donated to the British Columbia Center for Disease Control Rapid Response to Covid-19 Charity.

These are not pre-made programs, but fully individualized and customized to your at home space.  Many gyms are closed and many people are avoiding public spaces.  Our health is important, and working out is a great way to continue your health, support your immune system, and keep strong through an unpredictable time period.

These programs are fully individualized for your at home space, gender, age and specific goals.  The program is created for you from scratch by University Graduated Kinesiologists who understand how to program for your specific needs.  Nothing will replace our 1 on 1 training when it comes to correction and motivation, but these at home workouts will keep you consistent and motivated to keep fit from home.

Any age, gender, demographic, home situation and fitness level!


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What you get:

4 Week At Home Exercise Program

Includes exercises, reps, sets and rest to fit your at home space, individualized to your fitness level and goals.

Bonus – At Home Stretch Program

keep mobile and flexible with this balanced full body stretching and mobility program!

Bonus – At Home Rolling and Self Massage Program

Recovery is important and this self massage and rolling program is great for keeping you recovered for your next workout.

Bonus – At Home Core Routine

Feeling like doing an extra 15?  This core program will keep your core functional and strong!

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Message from the owner

As we see a temporary slow down of the economy and local business, I wanted a solution for my staff to be able to continue to keep their jobs during a tough time.  Providing home workout solutions for people who do not have other options aligns with our philosophies of providing sustainable training to promote health and fitness to the local community.

We preach sustainability and sometimes we have to adapt our routine and lifestyle.  Personal health and fitness should not be sacraficed during these times and an at home workout program is perfect for you to continue your goals.  There are many free options out there and I certainly encourage you to evaluate your options.   We are charging for our programs to keep our business going and to provide support to our staff and families during a slow down.

We also as a team, wanted to provide support to the greater cause and are donating 20% of funds towards the BCDDC Foundation for Population and Public Health.  This will aid in research, testing equipment, staff, and data analysis and knowledge translation to ensure experts and healthcare providers get the information and tools they need.

Thank you very much for your time reading this and we hope you love our at home programs!  Stay healthy and safe. – Jarid Vaughan

Stay Healthy 

Reach Your Goals At Home 

Support Our Staff 

20% Towards Charity  

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Cost: $95 + GST.  Total = $99.75
(20% goes to BCCDC Foundation for Public Health – Rapid Response to Covid 19)