Why Vaughan’s

Vaughan’s offers a unique combination of fun, personalized training programs with cutting edge training techniques to achieve results you never thought possible.

Perfect Body


No two people are alike.  Thats why no two training programs should be alike.  We build and create a program suited just for you.  Through questions and communication combined with visual movement screening and analysis, a personalized program to meet your goals is put in place.  This way we can lead you to your goals with a training style and program that works for you.

The Trainers:

Our team of elite trainers will lead you to conquer your fitness goals.  The team is led by Jarid Vaughan, who competed and was ranked 2nd in NCAA Div 1 for the University of Texas, was BC’s fastest man from 2007-2013 and represented Canada and British Columbia for Track and Field.  To join the team of Vaughan’s Fitness trainers, a rigorous search for the top trainers in BC happens.  Those acquiring the rare combination of elite personal fitness, the highest education, years of experience training or coaching and a great personality are accepted as Vaughans Fitness trainers.  Our team knows what it takes to reach your ultimate fitness goals.  Their personal fitness experiences are combined with B.Sc Degree in Exercise Science or Kinesiology and FMS certifications, and years of experience coaching and training the general public, youth, elite and professional athletes.  Our fun and easy going personalities offer customers a stress free environment while getting top notch training that is hard to find elsewhere.


Value is also important and Vaughan’s fitness provides extremely competitive pricing while receiving some of the best training in the Country.  Step in for a free consultation and receive 2 free training sessions.  As a customer you will receive the best training sessions possible and get the very best and most out of your training hour.  All training sessions are tailored to your very personalized needs and goals.  Free group events introduce you to others and also allow you to workout with friends!  We also offer free nutritional coaching and handouts as well as any advice you need to meet your goals.  Texts and emails and weight tracking applications are included in your training packages.


The following services are provided by Vaughans Fitness.  You are not limited to just one of these, as usually a combination of services are provided in each and every training session depending on your goals and what you enjoy.

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If weight loss is your goal, Vaughan’s is the perfect option for you.  Whether you are starting from scratch or work out regularly, a unique training program will be built for YOU.   A safe, fun, energetic training session will be utilized to burn as many calories as possible while improving your cardio, strength, flexibility and well being.
Want to trim down your thighs or waist?  Maybe you just want to have an overall better tone to your body.  During your free consultation and initial sessions I will come up with an individualized plan tailored for YOU.  Your goals will be met by having custom training sessions along with nutritional recommendations to help you trim and shape your body.
If you are looking to pack on muscle or strength, Vaughan’s Fitness will help you reach your goal.  Years of personal and training experience in the field of strength and muscle gains will lead you to new strength and size you wouldn’t realize you could achieve.
Let “BC’s fastest man” help you reach your speed and running goals.  If you need pure strength and power to increase sprint speed or technical work for better stride efficiency for sprinting or distance runs, Vaughan’s Fitness is your answer.
If you are struggling with recurring injuries, want to correct muscle imbalances or posture, or want general injury prevention before a race or your season, Vaughan’s Fitness will help.  Using movement screen and muscle function testing, a program will be used to correct all imbalances and issues.
Sports specific and individualized stretching periods are conducted in Vaughan’s Fitness sessions.  We do the stretching for you so you can focus on relaxation at the end of a session and stress reduction.  Stretches can be recommended that are tailored to your bodies needs.  An increase in flexibility and mobility will help you achieve your fitness and performance goals.
Along with personal training, Vaughan’s Fitness also offers group training opportunities.  Boot camp style circuits, run groups, and free hikes and adventures await those who are interested.


  • “Jarid Vaughan is a sports strengthening savvy and a great motivator, his support was crucial in my preparation en route to the Olympics. Working with him was vital for improving my strength condition and learning practical exercises that consequently improved my skills in the gym as well as on the track.”*

    Takeshi Fujiwara - Olympian and World Championship Track and Field Competitor
*Results may vary from person to person.
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Come check out The Gym at Highpoint while getting two free personal training sessions along with a free consultation.  We will give you a tour of the facility, ask you some questions about your goals and some general questions about your past fitness experiences and then get you set up with 2 free training sessions.  Emaill jarid@vaughansfitness.com to set up your free training sessions.

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