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Weight loss / Performance / Conditioning / Sports Specific Training / Run Tech / Movement Screening and more!.

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Limited time offer!


Our highly individualized training programs are perfect for the casual, recreational or professional fitness seeker or athlete. Whatever your fitness goals may be, we will make them happen! Try us out for free!


Why Vaughan’s

Best trainers in BC! Personal experience, years of schooling and countless hours spent coaching and training, we will help you conquer all fitness goals.

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Personal Training

Vaughan's Fitness offers the best personal training in Langley and surrounding areas. 1on1 or 2on1, we will give you a fun, creative and challenging workout!

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Our success as Langley's best trainers relies on our results! We can back our training up with 2 free sessions and great testimonials and results!

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Great Value

Click below to contact us for a free consult and 2 free training sessions. Along with great training we offer free nutritional advice and other added value!

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When it comes to fitness goals: Dream Big!  Goal set with Vaughan’s Personal Training Langley and we will lead you to success.


Lets create a plan to commit to your goals. Vaughan’s  individualized training plans make your goals easy to pursue.


Pursue your goals with fun and challenging training at Vaughan’s Fitness, personal trainers, gym memberships and group options.


Set, commit, and pursue your goals. This will lead to success you never knew could exist. Join us today to pursue your success.

Vaughan’s Fitness – Premier Langley Personal Training

IMG_4017smallVaughan’s Fitness & Conditioning is the premier Personal Training option for Langley and surrounding area’s.  Offering the best, cutting edge, scientific based Langley Personal Training options for weight loss, athletic performance, body building, toning, rehabilitation, strength, speed, overall power, and sports specific training.  Whatever your fitness goals may be, we will lead you to the finish line and beyond.

Vaughan’s offers customers unmatched personal trainers (all kinesiologists), boasting elite fitness experience and the highest degrees in experience and education.  Combine that with a beautiful facility with natural, beautiful views next to Campbell valley park, great training rates, private gym, and great personalities, and you get the best option for achieving your fitness goals in Langley.  We offer single one on one training, doubles or couples – two on one training, monthly packages, circuits, as well as run groups and hikes!  Join Vaughan’s Langley Personal Training Today!

Your First Step

Jarid VaughanIf you are like most people, working out can seem boring, tiring, or maybe even pointless. You can spend hours in the gym and see no results. Some people even have trouble showing up to the gym, or when they get there, they dont know what to do. This is where Vaughan’s Fitness can help.

By taking the first step and contacting us, you can leave the rest to our top trainers in the industry. First, we will talk to you – listening and learning about you and your fitness goals and needs. After that, we will create a personalized program designed to lead you to success. A trainer will now teach, demonstrate, inspire, motivate and show you how to get the most out of each training session. This saves you time AND gives you huge efficient results after each and every training session.  No longer do you have to worry if you are getting the right training.

Our trainers CARE about you and will be there for you by email, phone or in person, whether you are at the gym or at home. The trainers at Vaughan’s Fitness will be working with you, every step of the way towards your goals.

We have the best trainers in the industry. Years of experience, personal athletic achievements, years of education with degrees (mandatory), are a must for all trainers. Being lead by the best will help you become your best, because the trainers know what it takes to get you to your fitness goals.

By taking the first step and contacting Vaughan’s, you are on your way to whatever your fitness goals may be: losing weight, body toning, building muscle, increasing speed,strength or power. Whatever they may be, Vaughan’s will help you get there. Take the first step.


For a limited time we are offering two free Langley personal training sessions.  This is to prove our quality and service and show off our top notch personal training and facilities.  Sign up now.

  • “Jarid Vaughan is a sports strengthening savvy and a great motivator, his support was crucial in my preparation en route to the Olympics. Working with him was vital for improving my strength condition and learning practical exercises that consequently improved my skills in the gym as well as on the track.”*

    Takeshi Fujiwara - Olympian and World Championship Track and Field Competitor
*Results may vary from person to person.
Vaughan's Fitness - Try us out now

Come check out The Gym at Highpoint while getting two free personal Langley Personal Training sessions along with a free consultation.  We will give you a tour of the facility, ask you some questions about your goals and some general questions about your past fitness experiences and then get you set up with 2 free training sessions.  Emaill to set up your free training sessions.

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